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0000370MPfmMVPpublic2012-05-27 15:382012-09-21 18:04
Assigned Toycastonguay 
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Target Version0.7.0.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0000370: Add configuration classes to retreive important paths and configuration values throughout the application
DescriptionThe older configuration classes really suck; it is way too code heavy. Use the same technique to save objects to XML than used for saving themes under the Windows version.
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svn (developer)
2012-05-27 16:34

The user animal has checked in files related to this issue (revision 514).

  - Renamed IMainView to IPlayerView.
  - Renamed IMainPresenter to IPlayerPresenter.
  - Added ILibraryBrowserView view (nothing inside yet).
  - Added the LibraryBrowserEntity and SongBrowserFilterEntity classes.
  - Added ConfigurationHelper static class.
  - Added the LibraryBrowserPresenter class.
  - Bootstrapper: Added Ninject configuration for MPfmGateway.
  - Now using Ninject to create MPfmGateway.
  - MainWindow: Implemented ILibraryBrowserView and ISongBrowserView views.
  - MainWindow: Now updating the first level nodes of the Library Browser.

Related to issue #360, issue 0000361, issue 0000368, issue 0000370, issue #371, issue #372 and issue 0000373.

Files modified:
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.GTK/Main.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.GTK/Windows/MainWindow.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.GTK/Windows/UpdateLibraryWindow.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.Library/Gateway/MPfmGateway.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/Bootstrapper/Bootstrapper.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/Bootstrapper/LibraryModule.cs
A MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/Helpers/
A MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/Helpers/ConfigurationHelper.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/MPfm.MVP.csproj
A MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/Models/LibraryBrowserEntity.cs
A MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/Models/SongBrowserFilterEntity.cs
A MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/Presenters/ILibraryBrowserPresenter.cs
D MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/Presenters/IMainPresenter.cs
A MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/Presenters/IPlayerPresenter.cs
A MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/Presenters/LibraryBrowserPresenter.cs
D MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/Presenters/MainPresenter.cs
A MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/Presenters/PlayerPresenter.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/Services/ILibraryService.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/Services/LibraryService.cs
A MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/Views/ILibraryBrowserView.cs
D MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/Views/IMainView.cs
A MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.MVP/Views/IPlayerView.cs

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2012-05-27 15:38 ycastonguay New Issue
2012-05-27 15:38 ycastonguay Status new => assigned
2012-05-27 15:38 ycastonguay Assigned To => ycastonguay
2012-05-27 16:34 svn Checkin
2012-05-27 16:34 svn Note Added: 0000716
2012-09-21 18:04 ycastonguay Summary Add the ConfigurationHelper class to retreive important paths and configuration values throughout the application => Add configuration classes to retreive important paths and configuration values throughout the application
2012-09-21 18:04 ycastonguay Description Updated View Revisions

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