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0000168MPfmPlayerpublic2011-12-17 11:582012-01-21 17:29
Assigned Toycastonguay 
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Target Version0.5.2.0Fixed in Version0.5.2.0 
Summary0000168: Clear the audio buffer when setting a new position in the current song or when skipping to a new song
DescriptionThe main output stream position must be set to 0 to clear the audio buffer.

The time needed to set the new position was the buffer size, so for a buffer size of 1000ms, it would play 1000ms of the previous song before actually skipping to the next.
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- Relationships
related to 0000275resolvedycastonguay The position returned by the Player does not count for the buffer size lag 

-  Notes
svn (developer)
2012-01-21 11:28

The user admin has checked in files related to this issue (revision 276).

- Added .NET Async CTP Library to the project.
- Player: The audio buffer is now cleared when skipping to a new position or when skipping to a new song.
- Player: The position returned by the player now counts in for the buffer size lag. In fact it is now using the
          main stream output position with a offset position (since the main output position is "infinite" and
          reset to 0 when the audio buffer needs to be cleared).
          It's not 100% done yet though; I need to add a syncmix proc to set the offset position exactly when the
          new song is heard. However the offset is 100% accurate already (since the channel is locked when getting the
          position, and the data available in the buffer is also added).
- UpdateLibrary: The new prototype drops Rx and uses only ASYNC for now. Works fine so far, but the application
                 gets lagged when updating files (especially when generating peak files).
- UpdateLibrary: A prototype UI for the background update library has been added to the main form.

Related to issue 0000070, issue 0000160, issue 0000168 and issue 0000275.

Files modified:
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm/MPfm.csproj
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm/Other Screens/frmSettings.Designer.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm/Other Screens/frmSettings.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm/frmMain.Designer.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm/frmMain.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm/frmMain.resx
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.Core/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.Fonts/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs
A MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.Library/Lib/AsyncCtpLibrary.dll
A MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.Library/Lib/AsyncCtpLibrary.xml
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.Library/MPfm.Library.csproj
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.Library/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.Library/UpdateLibrary/UpdateLibrary.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.Player/Player.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.Player/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.Sound/Bass.Net/Channel.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.Sound/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.WindowsControls/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs

svn (developer)
2012-01-21 17:29

The user admin has checked in files related to this issue (revision 278).

- Player: The loops and markers are now emptying the audio buffer when setting new audio positions.
          The loop position wasn't working after the last check-in.

Related to issue 0000168 and issue 0000275.

Files modified:
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm/frmMain.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.Player/Player.cs
U MPfm/branches/current/MPfm.Sound/Bass.Net/Channel.cs

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2011-12-17 11:58 ycastonguay New Issue
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2012-01-21 10:23 ycastonguay Summary Bad audio transition when skipping to another song while playing => Clear the audio buffer when setting a new position in the current song or when skipping to a new song
2012-01-21 10:23 ycastonguay Description Updated View Revisions
2012-01-21 10:25 ycastonguay Description Updated View Revisions
2012-01-21 10:37 ycastonguay Relationship added related to 0000275
2012-01-21 11:28 svn Checkin
2012-01-21 11:28 svn Note Added: 0000373
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2012-01-21 11:30 svn Note Added: 0000377
2012-01-21 11:31 ycastonguay Note Deleted: 0000377
2012-01-21 11:40 ycastonguay Status assigned => resolved
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2012-01-21 17:29 svn Note Added: 0000380

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