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This is the biggest update for MPfm yet! Here is a summary of the changes:

- Official support for ASIO drivers with the addition of the BASS MIX library for multiple channel playback.
- Major changes to the user interface and custom Windows controls for supporting themes in a future version.
- New options in the Settings window (tooltips, user interface timers, etc.) and a more user-friendly Audio Settings tab.
- A user manual has been added to the application. It is not complete yet, but it is a good start if you need help getting started with MPfm.
- New tooltips for most controls in the application. They can be turned off in the Settings window.

This version is also the first milestone for Linux and Mac OS X platforms:

- The player now works under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
- Added a new Mono/GTK# project to the source code package for Linux platforms.
- Added a new Mono/MonoMac project to the source code package for Mac OS X platforms.

Note: The WASAPI support was unfortunately dropped because of synchronization issues after adding BASS MIX.

- 0000354: [Global] Add build configurations on all projects and solution (Debug, Debug_Linux and Debug_MacOSX) (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000350: [UI | Windows | Playlist] Filling the Open Playlist > Library Playlists sub menus is extremely slow with large number of items (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000321: [UI | Windows | Settings] Revamp the Settings window (ycastonguay) - resolved.
 - 0000320: [UI | Windows | Settings] Audio Settings: Create Mixer panels for each driver (DirectSound, ASIO, WASAPI) (ycastonguay) - resolved.
 - 0000319: [UI | Windows | Settings] Audio Settings: Replace the sample rate radio buttons by a combo box (ycastonguay) - resolved.
 - 0000317: [UI | Windows | Settings] Audio Settings: Add a label to indicate when the audio settings have been changed but not saved (ycastonguay) - resolved.
 - 0000316: [UI | Windows | Settings] Audio Settings: Add an Save Audio Settings button (ycastonguay) - resolved.
 - 0000318: [UI | Windows | Settings] Audio Settings: Add a message box if no output devices have been found for a specific driver (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000351: [Global] Crash while updating the library and playing a song at the same time (transition to next song) (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000314: [UI | Windows] Add tooltips to most controls (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000335: [UI | Custom Controls | Windows (WinForms)] Add a PaintHelper static class to regroup rendering code (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000333: [UI | Windows] Use the FlowLayoutPanel and TableLayoutPanel controls to group controls (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000349: [UI | Mac | Add/Edit Marker] Revamp the Add/Edit Marker Window (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000348: [UI | Windows | Add/Edit Loop] Revamp the Add/Edit Loop Window (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000295: [Global] Add a user manual, in form of a help file (CHM) and a help web site (/manual) (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000334: [UI | Custom Controls | Windows (WinForms)] Add a custom FlowLayoutPanel control and TableLayoutPanel control to render custom background (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000332: [UI | Custom Controls | Windows (WinForms)] Implement AutoSize on the Label, LinkLabel and Button controls (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000340: [UI | Windows | Main Window] Changing the sound format filter without clicking the Library tree view results in wrong audio file playback (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000345: [UI | Windows | Main Window] Remove the status bar (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000309: [UI | Mac] Add a MonoMac project to the solution (for Mac OS X) (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000308: [UI | Linux] Add a GTK# project to the solution (for Linux) (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000339: [UI | Windows | Main Window] If the song position trackbar value is changed before playback, it becomes inactive (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000303: [Player] Change the way BASS plugins are loaded to support other platforms (Windows/Linux/Mac) (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000336: [UI | Custom Controls | Windows (WinForms)] Add transparency to the Fader and TrackBar controls (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000328: [UI | Windows | Main Window] Add a "Open Audio Files" button to the toolbar (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000147: [UI | Custom Controls | Windows (WinForms)] The button rendering is sometimes garbled (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000224: [UI | Custom Controls | Windows (WinForms)] Add the Theme and ThemeHelper classes to load/save theme to XML files (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000326: [UI | Custom Controls | Windows (WinForms)] Add the Gradient, BackgroundGradient and TextGradient classes to regroup gradient properties (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000197: [Player] Finish testing and bug fixing the ASIO driver (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000327: [UI | Custom Controls | Windows (WinForms)] Add Theme objects for every custom control (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000322: [Global] Remove the dependency for the Async Framework (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000293: [UI | Windows | Main Window] Add new items to the Help menu (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000298: [Global] Code standardization: All private members should begin by a lowercase character (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000312: [UI | Windows | Settings] General Settings: Add a section for update frequency settings (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000315: [UI | Windows | Settings] The window is not closed properly when using the window close button (instead of the toolbar close button) (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000300: [Player] Add a mixer channel to the Player class (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000299: [Sound] Add a MixerChannel class to MPfm.Sound (ycastonguay) - resolved.
- 0000297: [UI | Custom Controls | Windows (WinForms)] The embedded fonts aren't visible in design time (in Visual Studio) (ycastonguay) - resolved.
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