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0000164MPfmPlayerpublic2011-12-12 20:162012-05-01 21:16
0000164: Disable time shifting for audio cards that are not compatible
A user told me that the TestDevice works but the actual player doesn't. Soundcard: ASUS Xonar.

After some testing, it is not related to the mixer sample rate, or changing device ids. The player fails to create the time shifting stream for some reason.

Maybe I should ask a question on the BASS forums.
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2011-12-22 16:20ycastonguaySummaryOn the PC of a user, the player doesn't work => Fix problems with ASUS Xonar soundcards
2011-12-22 16:20ycastonguayDescription Updatedbug_revision_view_page.php?rev_id=69#r69
2011-12-30 17:35ycastonguaySummaryFix problems with ASUS Xonar soundcards => Disable time shifting for audio cards that are not compatible
2011-12-30 17:35ycastonguayDescription Updatedbug_revision_view_page.php?rev_id=84#r84
2012-01-18 18:29ycastonguayTarget Version0.5.2.0 =>
2012-05-01 21:16ycastonguayTarget Version0.7.4.0 =>

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