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ycastonguay ycastonguay master 2013-08-22 17:30:24 master 24977a08
Affected Issues 0000422: Implement the MPfm.MVP views for Windows
Changeset Windows: Several visual changes to SongGridView to make it cleaner. No more grid lines except for each album. No more artist/album captions over album art. No more mouse over color change. A bit sad that I took a lot of amount of time to do these features a few years ago... to realize they are more noise than useful. But after these changes... I think my designer was right! Added a bit of logic to PlaylistPresenter.

Related to issue 0000422.
mod - MPfm/MPfm.MVP/Presenters/PlaylistPresenter.cs Diff ] File ]
mod - MPfm/MPfm.MVP/Views/IPlaylistView.cs Diff ] File ]
mod - MPfm/MPfm.Sound/Playlists/Playlist.cs Diff ] File ]
mod - MPfm/MPfm.Windows/Classes/Forms/frmMain.Designer.cs Diff ] File ]
mod - MPfm/MPfm.Windows/Classes/Forms/frmMain.resx Diff ] File ]
mod - MPfm/MPfm.Windows/Classes/Forms/frmPlaylist.Designer.cs Diff ] File ]
mod - MPfm/MPfm.Windows/Classes/Forms/frmPlaylist.cs Diff ] File ]
mod - MPfm/MPfm.WindowsControls/Library/SongGridView.cs Diff ] File ]
mod - MPfm/MPfm.WindowsControls/Misc/Gradient.cs Diff ] File ]

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