MPfm Source Code

The GPLv3 license allows you to copy and distribute the original MPfm source code without permission. It also allows you to modify the MPfm source code for your own private use, and you are not required to release the modified source code to the public. However, if you wish to modify the MPfm source code and release it to the public, you are required to release the modified source code to the community.

For more information about the GPLv3 license, click here.

Commercial Use

You are allowed to use the MPfm source code in a commercial project. However, as the MPfm license states clearly, you are required to acquire the following licenses:

You also need to pay any royalties related to proprietary audio file formats, such as MP3. For more information, check the MPfm license.

MPfm Components

You are also allowed to use the MPfm components in your project if you wish. This means you don't have to release the source code of your application; you must only release the modified MPfm components source code. The MPfm components include the player, library, custom controls, and more. MPfm components require the .NET Framework 4.0.

To add a MPfm component to your project, download the source code package, and add a reference to the following assemblies in your project (depending on what you want to use):

Alternatively, you can also add the MPfm components to your project by adding a reference to the MPfm NuGet packages, which will be available soon.

You can find a demo application of the Player component in the MPfm.Player.Demo folder of the Source Code package. The demo application has the same features as MPfm, without the eye candy! This makes it easier to learn the Player component and use it in your own project.

Developer Documentation

The developer documentation is part of the Source Code package, available on the MPfm SourceForge Home Page.

You can also consult the online documentation here.


In order to use the BASS.NET audio library in your own project, you will require to register a key from the BASS.NET web site. You are forbidden to release any source code with a BASS.NET key. This is why the MPfm source code package does not ship with a valid BASS.NET key, but the binary package does.

Releasing an Application Using MPfm Components

You must repackage the MPfm license including all its dependencies with your application, and add the copyright notices as stated in the MPfm license. You must release any modified MPfm source code with your application.

MPfm Blog

If you want to know more about the development of MPfm, or keep in touch with the developers, you can read the MPfm Blog.